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Rin by TheLollipopSugar
Have some Rin

Rin by (gonna do them later i'm lazy I know) :iconjjinomu:
Innocence stage made by :icondan1024:
Sans fight by TheLollipopSugar
Sans fight
So well... What do you think about it ?

Credit time !:
Final corridor made by :iconmagicalpouchofmagic:
Bone attack made by :iconmagicalpouchofmagic:
Sans model made by Shatterstag
Frisk model made by :iconmagicalpouchofmagic:

Effects used:
Adult shader on the "Final Corridor" and Frisk
Greener shader on Sansy~
And Power DOF on the whole picture for sure !
You're still walking around like that ?
I'm sorry, i'm gonna clean this off right away !

Credit time !:
All models made by :icondrasisw:
School hallway ripped by :iconsaler1: from 3DCG
Nitori watches you sleep by TheLollipopSugar
Nitori watches you sleep
I was watching Free! when Nitori entered in his bedroom finding Momotarou asleep... So he just climbed up, watched him sleep and I was like "Why the hell would he do that ?" theeen I guessed he's yandere XD
Yandere Simulator's end
And this is how Yandere-chan and Senpai lived happily ever after :D !

Credit time !:
Yandere-chan made by :icondrasisw:
Senpai made by :icondrasisw:
Osana Najimi made by :icondrasisw:
School yard made by :iconsaler1:
Scissors made by :iconthe-horrible-mu:
Blood splatters made by :iconamiamy111:

Tagged by :iconwingsburned: hihihi~


1- Tell me about the thing you love the most~

Well I love... Love... NAH JUST KIDDIN' ! I love anime and manga :3

2- What's your favorite song right now ?

I would say it's Jiyuu No Tsubasa (Attack On Titan 2nd OP) and Guren No Yumiya (Attack On Titan 1st OP)

3- What's the last movie you saw ? Was it good ?

The last movie I say was "The DUFF", it was super cool ! I loved it !

4- Will you dance with me ? 8D

Oh yesh *dance with you*

5- How's the weather at your place ? :')

FREAKIN' HOT (i'm living in North Africa so yesh...)  ! Hopefully, we have an air-conditioner !

6- Who is your favorite manga character ? 8D

Oh my, I do not hesitate, Eren Jaeger <3 ! I have a lot of others favorites but Eren is definitely my boyfriend !

7- I'm lazy. Aren't you ?

Yush a lot !

8- do ya love meh--

Sure I love ya <3

9- If we could meet IRL- what would ya do-

Hug, hug hug hug .-.

10- What do you do to survive super hot weather ? (ye, I need help-)

Water, food, air-conditioner and not being on Ramadan (because yush, nah just kidding, i'm eating on Ramadan, don't have enough courage to do it ;_; )

11- Do you rp ? 8D

I love it ! Even if I only RP on quizzes...

12- Oh look, it's almost the end !

Oh naaao...

13- What is love ? (oh baby don't hurt me-)


My questions~:

1-What's you name ?
2-How are you ?
2-What color your panty/boxer you're wearing is (i'm so pervy right now) ?
3-Do you like manga/anime ?
4-Who's the manga/anime best character ever (if you don't like manga/anime, answer about a person or a cartoon character) ?
5-What is your favorite quote ?
6-Would you accept to meet your favorite character/celebrity/person even if it's dangerous ?
7-Do you like me~ ?
8-Wanna play Uno ?
9-Oh look, *singing* a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows~ (go check the song if you don't know it)
10-Almost the end...
11-I'm so bored, aren't you ?
12-I'm a little girl and i'm going to kill you
13-Here is the end ! Are you sad about it ?

I TAG (I you don't answer i'll cut you head and i'll hang it on the wall of my bedroom staring at it everyday Icon - 201 Makie (Yandere Mode), kiddin', again... Do whatever you want of course !):

:iconwingsburned: (eh ouais, fallait s'y attendre)

Aaand, that's all thanks for reading !


  • Listening to: VOCALOID
  • Watching: Shinkegi No Kyojin
  • Playing: Yandere Simulator
  • Eating: Potatoes
  • Drinking: Coke


TheLollipopSugar's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello my dear potato

I'd like to present myself, my name is Kenza, i'm nearly 14 and... Nah I should stop talking like that, i'm not that polite ! Well, i'm just a stupid fangirl of Shingeki no Kyojin and I love potatos... And rainbows ! And the best is... A RAINBOW POTATOH ! Uh well I should stop. I pretty like, what i'm a saying... Obsessed with mah little Eren <3 ! I'm not just stupid, i'm also a yandere (but I can't stop he is so cute !). I think that's the end and it was pretty short but... WHO CARES, it's my biography after all *nervous laugh*. See you next time !

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